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 Vol. 1 Issue 2 //  Adar 2 5784

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App Spotlight

What Parents need to know:

  •  Kids can share full movies!
  • New! Channels have pictures, videos that can have adult content.
  • StatusesYour cleaning lady, Uber driver, Plumber etc. can post statuses that can be highly inappropriate. (Unfortunately this IS a problem it is not a “maybe” problem).
  • AI
    ask questions about anything, or create a picture of

What can be done?


  • There are no really good solutions yet. Using a filter like Gentech, you can blur out some of the pictures from Channels. It does not always work, and it is not all the images.

Android smartphones

  •  Most reliable filters can block channels, statuses and AI Chatbots.

Whatsapp on a computer (Whatsapp Web)

  • Most filters can block the Channels.

Did you know?

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Popular MP3 player has full internet!

Q5 -Is an internet device. It has a browser, that cannot be reliably removed.
Q3E – May not SEEM to have internet, however it is quite simple to get access easily.

your MP3 

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Know your child’s MP3

They come in all shapes and sizes. When
shopping for an MP3 player keep the following in mind.

  • Most have FM Radio
  • Most can play videos.
  • Most have an SD Card slot. SD
    cards are easily shared.
  • More and more have full internet and streaming
    music apps
    , like Spotify and Pandora.
  • No easy way to know (or control) what your kids are listening

For more information click here.
For a list of recommended MP3 players  click here.


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Email scams- What to look out for.

If you see these – it is very possibly a SCAM!
1. An email that looks correct but the email address is not 100% accurate.
2. An email that your account is compromised. 
3. An email about a purchase that you never made.
4. A scary email from the IRS or social Security.
5. Any email that threatens you about anything. 

 What should you

1. Never click any link in an email.
2. If you are concerned that it may be legitimate, contact the company or organization- but not from ANY number from the email itself. Do a separate search online.
3.Ask someone you trust, who is Tech Savvy for second opinion.

Remember, scammers often target people who
might not know better, like older  less-savvy individuals. Tell your family
and friends about scams so they can stay safe.


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