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Founded in 2012,
our mission is twofold:

To raise public awareness about the multifaceted risks associated with the Internet.

To provide cutting-edge dependable filtering solutions for all devices, meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of each individual user.



We educate parents and schools about encouraging their children’s and students’ responsible use of technology – without hurting their relationship in the process. We help parents limit their children’s access, and monitor and control their children’s internet use remotely.


We educate students about responsible, safe, and healthy use of technology. We inspire students – and by extension, their parents and their schools – to filter their phones, computers, and various electronic devices so that they can enjoy the benefits of technology without its drawbacks.


We make responsible use of technology a possibility by providing top-of-the-line filtering solutions for all electronic devices,expertly customized to meet individual needs and preferences that adapt well to the rigors of the busy lifestyles of both teenagers and working adults.

Meet our Founder

Rabbi David Churba founded TAG Flatbush in 2012, in response to urgent need for education, support, and practical resources for safe and healthy technology use in the community. Guided by a devoted rabbinical community board and powered by dedication and purpose, Rabbi Churba works with one goal in mind: to help community members access the powerful tools and benefits of technology, without its pitfalls.

And the results speak for themselves:

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“The Internet is a valuable resource. Not all subject matter on the internet is appropriate, and The Flatbush Technology office’s assistance in providing filters for our students and keeping us up to date on filter technology is a good first line of defense.”

Jamie Lassner, Magen David Yeshivah

Former Director, Office of Student Life

“Just like you make sure that the food your children put into their mouth is kosher, you want to make sure that what they read/see/hear is kosher. We need to be proactive, set proper boundaries, and model proper behavior. If this mindset is established when they’re young, it won’t become a battle later. And The Flatbush Technology office set me up for success by giving me the tools to set the right example for my children.”

A.W. ,

Community Member


So that you can make informed and thoughtful choices about your technology use to ensure a safe digital experience

Technological Know-how

So that you can use every new device with ease of mind, knowing that we have a filter that works for it

Practical Filtering Solutions

So you can use the internet safely and responsibly, with filters that accommodate both personal and professional use


So you can rely on use to provide the help you need, when you need it – with our 10-person staff and remote service options

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