Create a safe and healthy
learning environment for your
students and their families.

Give your students the tools and knowledge
required to use the internet responsibly.


Guidance & Education

So that you can help your parent/student body make the right choices

Tools & Resources

So you can provide
practical solutions for
safer digital use

Chizzuk & Inspiration

So you can inspire &
empower your parent/
student body


Help schools create awareness about safe internet use, cyber bullying awareness, and responsible technology habits.

Guide schools in creating sustainable and healthy internet use policies.

Provide schools with the tools and resources they need to implement those policies.



We work with your school administration to learn about your student body and your unique demographic needs, so that the policy we help you create is custom-tailored for your needs.


We help you create and write up a school internet policy with clear guidelines, a list of acceptable devices, and any information necessary to make this policy a reality.


Our office sends representatives down to your school to explain the need for the internet use policy and clarify the details – and the benefits – to your students


Our office helps the students of your school comply with the policy guidelines by filtering students’ personal electronic devices and providing a certificate of compliance

The Implementation Process

Our office sets up appointments for
students in your school

We provide the student with a  Certificate of Compliance

Our office installs the selected filters on students’ devices


Benot Rochel
Bet Yaakov Jersey Shore
Keter Torah
Lev Bais Yaakov
Lev HaTorah
Manhattan High for Girls
Mekor Chaim
Ohel Torah
Ohr HaTorah
Orot Sarah
Shaare Torah Boys
Shaare Torah Girls
YDE Boys
Masores Bais Yaakov


Beth Rivka
Hillel Yeshiva
Magen David
Shaarei Torah (Monsey)
Yeshiva Prep
Yeshiva of Flatbush
Manhattan Day School
YDE Girls
Ma’or Yeshiva
Yeshiva of Crown Heights
…All made possible by the generous support of donors like you.

“As educators who may have diverse pedagogical methodologies, we converge on one crystallized goal, to provide a chinuch rich in scope and dimension, which will serve as a catalyst for a life of growth and avodas Hashem. As an educator, I deeply appreciate the partnership I share with The Flatbush technology office to ensure that our students are provided with a real solution to adapt to the ubiquitous challenges of technology in their lives.”

Mrs. Tsivia Yanofsky, Menaheles | Manhattan
High School for Girls Machon Yaakov L’Banos

“We are all indebted to TAG Flatbush for how they helped our Yeshiva to keep the highest standards of Kedusha and Tahara.”

Rabbi Yosef Ozeri, Yeshivat Mekor Chaim

“In today’s day and age, just as it is important to educate and inspire our students to their fullest potential, it is equally as important for every administrator to take ownership over their students’ media challenges. How fortunate is the Flatbush community to have TAG at their disposal!”

Rabbi Amram Kuessous,
Shaare Torah Boys Elementary Principal

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