Everyone listens to something. Music, Shiurim, children’s stories…….

An MP3 player is ubiquitous. As with all technology it is imperative to know what the potential issues are, as well as potential solutions.


A few things to know.

  1. Most MP3 players have a built-in FM Radio.
  2. Most MP3 Players can play video.
  3. Most MP3 Players have SD card capability. This means Kids can share SD cards with whatever content that they contain. (even an MP3 player without SD capability can still get content from other kids via Bluetooth or plugging them into another device.)
  4. Some  MP3 players have an internet browser and apps. These really are full fledged mini smartphones.
  5. Some have hidden internet.


  1. There are some Kosher MP3 Players on the market. Click the link above for some examples.
  2. On most MP3 players, the FM Radio can be physically removed. (This is permanent and each device is different)
  3. Video capability cannot be removed or disabled from MP3 players that have video.
  4. SD capabilty can be removed, or  SD cards can be super glued in place, to prevent sharing of SD cards.

24Six Solo 2

This device was designed to prevent all of these issues.

  1. No SD card.
  2. No video capability.
  3. No internet.
  4. The only music that can be played on the device is Jewish music.

A subscription to 24 Six is required.

To ensure that you are comfortable with all the content you child is listening to, parents need to setup the built-in filter properly. Click here for instructions.

For setup, this device DOES require WIFI. However after setup -it will work offline.

It will need to connect to WIFI  every so often for updates.