Dispose of your Android securely

Securely wiping an Android device isn’t difficult, but there are some critical steps you don’t want to overlook.


pencil erasing android logo

Be sure you’ve securely erased the device and removed any traces of your past — because the last thing you’d want is for your phone’s new owner to resurface your personal or corporate data. (You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got all that data ready to migrate over to your new phone, of course. But that’s another story.)

1. Remove your SIM card and any storage cards

Confirm that any physical SIM card or external memory cards are removed from the device.

2. Perform a factory reset to fully erase your device

In your phone’s settings  look for an option labeled “Reset” or “Reset options.” In the core Google Android software, this’ll typically be within the System section. On Samsung devices, it’ll be within an area called General Management. If you’re using any other type of Android device and can’t find it, try simply searching your system settings for the word reset. (if you have a filter – This option won’t be there. Just come in to our office and we will happily assist you.)

Find and select the option within that area to erase all data or perform a full factory reset. If you’re presented with any other options to include certain types of data or accounts, be sure everything is selected.

The system will likely give you a confirmation screen or two and then ask you to input your PIN, pattern, or password for protection. If you were using an eSIM, it may also have a checkbox to erase the eSIM from the phone. You’ll absolutely want to do that.

erase android device factory reset